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Car Pool

Sometime around June 1st, I noticed a car parked in the parking lot directly outside my office window. The same car has been parked in the same slot without being moved for at least 10 days, probably longer.

This car is a bit suspicious for three reasons: 1) it hasnít been moved for some time; 2) the license plates have been removed; and 3) it has minor front end damage.

Hum, looked like a stolen vehicle or somehow involved in a crime such as a hit and run. So I called the Arapahoe County Sherriff's office to report the car. The deputy who investigated ran the VIN number and reported that it has not been reported as stolen and therefore, there is no reason to tow it. 

Since it has not been reported as stolen, I thought it might be fun to established a pool on when it will be reported as stolen and on what date the car will be moved. Here are the rules: 

        Picks are $1 per selection
        The winner is the person picking the date which is closest to the date when the car is removed without having gone over the date
        Winner take all
        Only one pick per day
        You are allowed to have a maximum of 5 active picks at any one time
        Your cash money must be received by me prior to the car being moved
        Send your date selection/picks via email to
        I reserve the right to change any rule for whatever reason at any time   

If you would like to see a live view of Jerry's Office Cam click HERE



The car was moved on June 23rd
Final Pool Value $58
And the winner is: Aimee
Click below to watch it drive away 


Greenwood Village

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