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Scott's Hidden Page

Hi Scott. 

This page was set up specifically for you as a fun little puzzle for you to solve. This is a hidden page on my web site with no direct link. This page is from me to you. 

Shown below are three NetClip clues that I have selected for you. Your task is to watch each clue and determine the one-word answer that I think has meaning to you. When you are ready to solve the puzzle, enter your answer in the box below and click the "Submit" button.  


Ready to solve the puzzle? Submit your answer here. 
Your answer must be one word, all in lower case letters.
Don't press "Enter", click the "Submit Your Answer" button.



Bruce Almighty - A talk with God- 3:44
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 Meet The Parents - Grace - 1:48
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Forrest Gump - Dear God, make me a bird - 1:35



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