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Climb The Rockies TV Ad - 60 Seconds

After I left Daniels & Associates, I took some time off and pursued two of my interests, mountain climbing and video production. The result was a series of video trail guides to a number of Colorado's 14'ers, mountains at least 14,000 feet high. You can watch all the mountain climbing segments online by going to the Climb The Rockies web site by clicking  here

Longs Peak TV Program - 26 Minutes

This is the 30 minute TV version of a trip to Longs Peak, the classic Colorado 14'er. This program was carried by The Learning Channel, or  TLC, and many large cable systems as a promotion tool for the Climb The Rockies videos. Comes complete with the 60 second PI (Per Inquiry) ad. 

XSspeed! Ad - 30 Seconds
In the late 90's, the Internet was starting to skyrocket. The problem was that it was almost exclusively accessed via dial-up modems and that meant it was just too darn slow. A dial-up connection was maybe 45 Kbps on a good day and this was before Cable Modems and DSL were widely deployed. I was President of XSspeed!, which used FCC licensed microwave frequencies to deliver blazing fast connections over the air. XSspeed! had operations in Boise, ID and Sacramento, CA and licensed frequencies in a number of other markets when it was purchased by Sprint. These frequencies are now part of the foundation of Sprint's blazing fast 4-G wireless network.  

Customer Service at a Typical Daniels System - 9 Minutes
I was Vice President of Operations and Customer Service at Daniels & Associates and helped the cable TV systems provide excellent service. I produced this video as a tongue-in-cheek look at how customer service was done in a typical Daniels system.  

An Insiders Look at Daniels & Associates - 24 Minutes
I spent almost 10 years working for Daniels, the premiere company in the cable TV industry. I started as a freshly-minted MBA working on a variety of projects reporting to Bill Daniels and John Saeman, the President and CEO. I consider both Bill and John as my mentors and will be forever grateful to them for what they taught me about business and life. My last role at Daniels was Vice President of Operations and Customer Service when the company was sold in 1988. It was merged with two other companies to form the third largest cable TV operating company. This video is a tribute to Bill Daniels and describes the magic of what it was like working there. My experience at Daniels was the foundation of my business career and continues to guide my business philosophy. 

Camp Mondo Bondo - 38 Minutes
As mentioned above, the cable company I worked for was merged with two other companies. For those who have been through corporate mergers, you'll recognize that one area of concern is the resulting culture of the new company. In an attempt to establish and define the new culture, the managers of the merged company were sent to Colorado to participate in an Outward Bound course specifically designed for team building. I left the new company about six months later because I was no longer having fun, which was, and continues to be, one of my core values. I believe the lack of fun is an indicator that  tells us that something needs to change.  

Longs Peak New Years Eve Climb - 13 Minutes
1988 was a memorable year for me. The company I worked for was sold, I left the resulting merged company and on New Years Eve, 1988, I stood on top of Longs Peak, one of Colorado's landmark mountains. Watch me huff and puff up the north face of Long's Peak in the dead of winter.    

The Laidbackpackers Go To Glacier Peak - 38 Minutes
The Laidbackpackers Club was co-founded by Michael Steinbock in the 1970's. Michael first introduced me to the Great Outdoors when I moved to Colorado in 1980. This 1988 trip was to Glacier Peak in Washington's North Cascades. The Laidbackpackers include brother and sister Lisa Henzler and Neal Henzler, Michael and me. 



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