My Interest in Electronic Communications

I have been interested in electronic communications since I was a kid growing up in Fort Smith, Arkansas. One of my first memories was in the 1950’s when television was coming of age. Our family would drive to downtown on Friday nights to watch the Gillette boxing matches “all the way from New York City”. We’d watch the fights on a TV that was placed in the store window. Heck, we didn’t need to buy a TV, we could sit on the sidewalk and watch it for free! 

I also remember my first crystal radio set. It was made of plastic and shaped in the form of a red rocket. The only station it would receive was KFPW, the station that played Sinatra, Glen Miller and Arthur Godfrey’s morning show. I was forced to develop an early appreciation for what we now call “The American Songbook”.

I find the Internet fascinating and this web site is simply a continuation of my interest in electronic communications that began with crystal radios and black and white televisions. It amuses me and I hope it will amuse you as well. 

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