About The $20 Question

Our true character is often revealed in the little things we do, when we think people are not watching. Finding a $20 bill and attempting to return it is a small thing which displays our inner values. It reveals integrity, honesty, and a concern for others.

This is especially so when you’re out of work and $20 means more than it did when a paycheck was coming in.

Rick, the guy who found the money in Littleton, has been unemployed for a year but he called me within minutes of finding my package.

Somewhere out there is an employer who is looking to hire an honest person with his skill set. Rick has worked as an all-purpose grocery clerk, warehouse manager, security officer, retail customer service provider, and an inside sales rep for industrial products. His inside sales experience involved power transmission systems; getting energy in one form or another, from point A to point B. This might involve electrical, mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

If you know a potential employer who is looking for someone like Rick, please contact me. I will be happy to make the connection.

By the way, everyone who found the money got to keep it. My question was if people would attempt to return it.

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