About Scary Picture

The Scary Picture opens with a forewarning that what you see may disturb you. This picture may not be suitable for everyone. You are asked to study the picture closely.

It starts with a heart beat and then fades open to a picture of our family room showing a glass door in the background. In the glass door is my reflection and in the foreground is a table with a pile of newspapers and a single lit candle. On the right is a reflection of a clock.

After a bit, there is a flash of light and a loud shriek. My reflection in the glass door disappears and the candle is extinguished leaving a wisp of smoke also seen reflected in the glass door. The clock doesn’t move revealing that the time between “is” and “is not” is the blink of an eye. After a few moments, we hear the famous announcement, “Elvis has left the building” signaling to everyone that the show is over.

This is a concept picture. If you live, you will also die. Death is a 100% guaranteed outcome.

The loud shriek is startling but not scary. The reason why this is a scary and disturbing picture is because it is about mortality, which scares many people even though we know that at some point, the show will be over.

If we fear death, how does that impact our life?

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