Good Moral Character

The State of Colorado controls all liquor sales in the state but allows licensing through local liquor licensing authorities. The Greenwood Village City Council (of which I am a member) acts as a local liquor licensing authority and anyone wanting to sell booze in our city must ask us for permission.

Among other things, the state requires us to determine if an applicant hasĀ “good moral character”. Truly. No kidding. This is a state law.

Think about that… the state is requiring local officials to judge the moral character of others. That itself is a moral dilemma. Should I ask a liquor applicant if he or she believes in God and if so, which one? Should I ask the applicant if they have ever committed adultery, which is sinful and contrary to God’s laws, but in Colorado is not illegal. Why should I impose my moral values about God or sex on others? That doesn’t seem fair to the applicant.

On April 1, 2019, I proposed an Ordinance in Greenwood Village requiring liquor applicants to answer some questions that will be used to determineĀ “good moral character”, as required by state law. Thanks to Bill Garvin and punnygirl for inspiration and support.



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