Medical Records

From: Tommy Prozach
Sent: Wednesday, December 24, 2014
To: Victoria.Mohrmann
Subject: Medical Records

Hi Victoria.

I saw the report on Fox 31 News that The Medical Center of Aurora released medical records by mistake.


A friend of mine, I’ll call him “Bob”, suffers from a very personal problem and takes medication to help the condition. Recently, he experienced a side effect that robbed the blood supply from his brain and redistributed it to a different part of his body. The condition lasted for more than 4 hours so he may have sought medical treatment at your hospital.

Can someone please tell me if Robert S. Goldberg’s medical records about his erectile problem were released to the public?



Tommy Prozach
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From: Carol Woodruff
Sent: Sat, 10 Jan 2015
To: Tommy Prozach
Subject: FW: Medical Records

Mr. Prozach,

Thank you for contacting us. We are unable to provide details of any of the patients involved . All patients that were involved have been contacted by the facility.


Carol Woodruff

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