My YouTube Videos



Art, Cars, & Guitars – 5:50
A fund-raising event for the Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado.


Lindsey’s Bear – 1:04
This is my submission to the 2023 Greenwood Village Scavenger Hunt. 


The Spanish Reconquista Chess Set – 1:57
In 1971, I bought this chess set in Barcelona Spain on a family car trip in Europe. 


Family – :30
I walk by this sculpture frequently. 


What You Should Never Ask a Barber – :22
My mother taught me this lesson when I was young.


Fun at Slattery’s Pub and Grill – 2:20
One week before St. Patrick’s Day.  


Fun at a Concert – 1:31
Let’s dance!  


Fun in Westlands Park – 1:06
No danger, just fun.


… and two guys come up to me. – :50
I was sitting in the park one day… 


1968 Jaguar XKE 2+2 – 4:50
An E-Type is a work art. It is the most beautiful car in the world.


Best of Storybooks – 1:22
A poem that had great meaning,


Eric Lane Performs “Rocky Mtn High” at Denver Airport – 1:33
I was a passerby when I heard this song. It made me stop. 


Chuck’s Close Encounter with a UFO – 1:05
Two old guys having fun. 



Colonel Bogey March Played on a Nose Flute – :12
My cousin Joe, who I deeply love, is standing beside me looking perplexed. 



The Consequences of Compromise – 1:28
This is what spurred Save Our Village political committee. 


Beal Street Music Festival 4-29-16
The pulse of Memphis. 


Beale Street Music Festival 4-29-16 – :23


Councilmember Bids Farewell in Handcuffs – :48
Serving time somewhere…  


Celeste After Her Solo Flight – :38
Sponsored by the local chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen.


Alex Gets Her Wings – :35
Sponsored by the local chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen.


Greenwood Village Police Comes Clean – 3:20
The Greenwood Village Police comes clean with the help of the South Metro Fire District.


The Llama Joke – 1:38
See Aimee’s reaction when she discovers two llamas in our back yard.