The Llama Joke

Aimee and I were teenagers when we married. We were high school sweethearts and somehow, we are now in our fifth decade of marriage.  

We have very different views of the world. I have oftentimes said that our differences haven’t driven us apart; the acceptance of our differences has glued us together. The secret to our marriage is tolerance; basically she puts up with me. 

I conspired with my daughters Hayley and Lindsey and my friend John Myers to convince Aimee that I bought two llamas. 

Watch the video as Aimee pulls up into our driveway and discovers the llamas in our back yard. Lindsey captures the event on video and does a masterful job of convincing Aimee that I purchased the llamas. “Daddy wanted llamas”, she tells Aimee. They even have names, Carlos and Frisco. 

Can you identify the Rolling Stones song playing in the background? 



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