From: Tommy Prozach
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2015
To: American Airlines Corporate Office
Subject: Gravity Powered Transportation

Dear American Airlines.

I want to give you an idea that could have a bigger impact on the country than President Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System. I think this idea is a perfect match with American Airline’s Mission.

First, AA is in the transportation business; it’s not just in the airline business.

My concept is to bore large tunnels between distant cities and harness the free energy of gravity to power the transportation of tubular shaped vehicles.

Over long distances, a straight line between New York and Los Angeles, for example, would mean that the tunnel entrance starting in New York would be on a downhill trajectory because of the curvature of the earth.

Gravity would pull the vehicle at ever increasing speeds to the mid-point of the journey. In the hypothetical New York to LA tunnel, I calculate that the vessel would be at its fastest speed going 423 MPH exactly 215 miles below Kansas City, MO.

At that point, it would start its uphill ascent into Los Angeles and gravity would slowly decrease the vehicle’s speed to zero when it arrives in Los Angeles.

This would be a perfectly balanced, energy neutral, transportation system that uses the free power derived from gravity.

There are some details that need to be worked out and I know your engineers can do that.

I’m not asking to be paid for my idea. I feel it’s my patriotic duty to pass this concept along to you to help us reduce fossil fuel usage.

God Bless America.


Tommy Prozach
Changing the World One Day at a Time
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From: American Airlines Customer Relations
Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2015
To: Tommy Prozach
Subject: RE: Gravity Powered Transportation

Dear Mr. Prozach:

Thank you for contacting American Airlines Customer Relations. We very much appreciate the time you took to send us your suggestion about our service. Your idea certainly has merit and it clearly reflects the thought that went into it.

It is always helpful for us to consider our service from our customers’ perspective. We try to be responsive to our customers and carefully analyze trend information based upon their reactions. In this way we can identify those service elements that are most appealing as well as improve those that produce a negative response.

Mr. Prozach, our aim is to suit the needs and wishes of the majority of our customers. As we determine the appropriate action in this regard, your preferences will be considered. Thank you for giving us the benefit of your observations.


Teri Ewise
Customer Relations
American Airlines


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